Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey im Channy
this is what i want my ball dress to look like it is like a cocktail dress and it is so so cute yaah.
At kapiti school lately we have all been looking foward to the most awesome thing coming up . . .
its gonna be so fun I have already got most of my stuff ready. Its onley a few days away.
we are going to curious cove. This is so exciting. Im realy looking forward to the night line
OWWHHH Spooky scary.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Once upon a time there was a girl called Goldilocks. She lived in the same forest as the three bears. there was baby bear, mama bear and daddy bear. The three bears were all living at the old fire station. They lived there for free just as long as they agreed that they would wok as firemen and put out forest fires. They got a call just as mama bear put their breakfast on the table. There was a fire at Sunny Lakes hotel. The three bears took off to help the poor people at the lake.Meanwhile back at their little fire station cottage a naughty girl called Goldilocks was walking past when she noticed the front door wasn't locked. She walked over to the cottage and knocked then yelled, "is anybody home".She herd no answer so she yelled again. she went to lock the door and carry on her way but then she thought to herself, nobodies home. So she walked in.She felt peckish so she walked towards the kitchen. On her way she walked through the dining room. There on the table she saw 3 bowls of porridge. She tasted the first then yelled and made a face, "too hot, too hot". She tasted the second, "too lumpy". She tasted the last. Just right so she ate it all up.She wanted to sit down so she went down the fireman's pole and into the lounge. There she saw 3 chairs a small chair, a medium chair and a big chair. She picked up the remote and turned of the TV. She then sat down in the big chair and changed the channel to the News. She decided the chair was too big and moved the the medium chair. When she sat down she saw the three bears on the news fighting the blazing fire. She stood up and moved to the baby chair. When she sat down she muttered, "that chair was too lumpy".Once the was settled into the mini chair she knew it was perfect so she turned the TV off and closed her eyes. After two seconds the chair collapsed and she fell onto the ground. "Oof", she said. She stood up and made a face. She picked up the remote and put it on the table.She walked up the stairs and into the bedroom. She saw 3 beds. She walked over to the biggest bed and laid down. (she loved a lot of sprawl space) She tried to go to sleep but she couldn't the bed was way to much like she was laying on a brick. She stood up and walked over to the second bed. She went to lay down but before she did she felt the lumps. I "hate lumps", she whined. So she went and laid on the third and final bed. She was so exhausted, She felt bliss and fell asleep.Getting back to the bears for a second. They had just put out the fire and called an Ambulance for the people with 2Nd degree burns. They back in the truck and drove home. When they got home they saw the open door. They walked in . . .. . . They went to check the porridge."someones been eating my porridge", said papa bear."mine too", said mama bear. "someones been eating my porridge", said baby bear, "and they've eaten it all and left none for me."They went into the lounge."Someone has been sitting in my chair and I'm not very happy about it", said papa bear."someone sat in my chair too", said mama bear."Someone sat in my chair and they broke it as well", said baby bear.They walked upstairs to the bedroom to check on their beds."someones been sleeping in my bed Grrr", Said papa bear."I'm sure i made my bed this morning", Said mama bear."someones been sleeping in my bed and shes still in it", Baby bear shrieked.Goldilocks looked up and saw the three bears looking at her. She jumped out of bed and ran for the door. The three bears just watched and yelled. "Don't ever return, got it".The bears made the beds and fixed baby bears chair. (There was a weight capacity but she had a fat bum and a brain the size of a Lima bean). Then they all sat down to eat some Yummy, Yummy porridge. Mmmmm
The End

By Channy 201